The area of our activity is the search for innovative solutions for construction of tent halls, which are a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional construction. We are one of the largest producers in Poland and a specialist in this field. Creating and developing a brand of innovative halls and tents for industry, trade, agriculture and recreation is our main challenge.

Complex offer

The BEST-POL company has existed since 2006. We design, manufacture and sell tent halls, steel and aluminium constructions as well as all kinds of car tarpaulins and other products made of PVC. We also carry out various advertising graphics, thanks to which we provide a full comprehensive service for our Customers.

We sell our products both in Poland and many other countries throughout Europe. Over the last years we have completed several thousand orders. These were warehouse, event, banquet, breeding, market, shop, sports and other halls. We also make non-standard orders and tailor the offer to the needs of each Customer.

In addition to the standard PVC sheathing solutions, we also offer halls with trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel, any length and width, or a custom cross-section.

Customers are encouraged by the rich offer and the highest quality of our constructions.

Constant development

For several years, we have been using a number of modern technologies for production (e.g. high frequency welding machines, tape welding machines, welding robots and many others) and many proven methods of effective operation, thanks to which our products (tent halls, tents, car tarpaulins) and services are of very high quality and fully compliant with European standards. We service warehouse facilities of companies throughout Poland and many other European countries.

Advice and support

We provide advice and assistance in the field of performed works, because the measure of our success is Customer satisfaction, earned by the work of experienced and qualified managerial and technical staff, providing services based on individual Customer needs. We invite you to check the full offer of our company. In order to obtain detailed information about our products, please contact the sales department or one of our representatives directly. We will be happy to answer all your questions and prepare a comprehensive offer that meets your expectations.

Mission of the company

Our mission is creating innovative constructions of halls and tents that help investors quickly and effectively accomplish their business goals.


  • In creating new products
  • In the company's development
  • In cooperation with customers
  • In the way employees think


  • For the safety of users
  • For the reliability of our products
  • For timely delivery and service quality
  • For relations with partners and their development
  • For the natural environment
  • Of company for employees and of employees for the company