We invite you to prepare your inquiry about a hall. All you need to do is answer the questions in the configuring tool and we will be able to prepare an appropriate offer for you.

Price quote of the tent hall is always prepared individually in accordance with specific needs of the given Customer.


Choose the type of object depending on your needs.

2. Application

Choose the type of hall depending on your needs.

3. Dimensions

Enter the dimensions of the hall that will meet your needs.

4. Construction

Type of construction.

All additional requirements, e.g. internal lining or thermal insulation.

5. Location

The key issue in selection of the tent halls manufacturer is to check the snow and wind parameters in force in the area where the hall is to be placed.

6. Contact details

Leave the details to which enable us to send a ready offer. If you have additional questions, we will immediately contact you to make the offer as soon as possible.