1. What products are in the BEST-POL brand standard?

Our offer includes a wide selection of all-year steel structures (two- or multi-pitch halls), modular aluminium hall constructions and all kinds of tent halls for commercial and warehouse facilities, exhibition and party halls, sports halls, shelters and roofs, professional horse studs, mushroom farms, as well as hen houses, industrial sheds and simple plastic tunnels. We also have a wide range of products related to the storage of agricultural products, such as halls for bales and other such products.

2. What are the basic dimensions of tent halls?

The BEST-POL brand offers a wide range of dimensions tailored to the individual needs of our Customers. Virtually all of our tent halls can be freely extended by subsequent sections (modules), also the length of the hall can be adapted to the specific needs and purpose of the object. The standard widths of our halls are: 4 m, 5 m, 6 m, 8 m, 9 m, 10 m, 12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m, 35 m and 40 m, while the length of the hall is a multiple of the size of the section (module), which, depending on the required snow and wind loads, are 2.0 m; 2.5 m; 3.0 m; 3.5 m; 4.0 m; 4.5 m; 5.0 m and 6.0 m.

3. What is the basic equipment of tent halls?

Produced as standard under the BEST-POL brand, tent halls, in addition to properly made steel or steel-aluminium structure, are supplied with a set of mounting accessories (screws, ropes, mounting anchors). The roof and sides of the hall are made of high quality PVC material with a thickness of 650 g/m2 (for aluminium and spherical halls) and 900 g/m2 (for most steel halls). In addition, the side walls can be made of trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel. Each building is equipped with one entrance gate and one escape door. The halls have the required ventilation openings in the gable elements, which guarantee correct gravity ventilation in the facility. In addition to the hall attached may be additional gates, doors, windows, internal lining, insulation of the hall or other elements related to the purpose of the object.

4. Is it possible to order an unusual size and shape of the tent?

Yes, because we have in our offer a lot of solutions and applications for this type of objects. Our own design office allows for any changes in the appearance and dimensions of the structure, so as to adapt the designed object to the Customer requirements. Each such order is individually consulted with designers who are responsible for calculations and statics of the designed object. During the talks (arrangements) with the Customer, we specify in detail the conditions and technical capabilities for the execution of an unusual order, as well as the type of required materials and elements of the hall sheathing.

5. How can you order a BEST-POL hall?

Each inquiry requires an individual price quote and obtaining a lot of information in order to prepare the correct offer for the Customer. If you are interested, please contact one of our sales representatives who will help you select and prepare a comprehensive offer that includes, in addition to the price, complete technical and sales information. They will also provide a range of information about purchase financing such as leasing, credit or standard forms of payment related to the purchase of a tent or other product offered by us. Please contact us directly by phone or email, which will allow us to answer most of your questions.

6. How to choose a tent hall? What kind of hall for a year-round warehouse, and what kind of a temporary-seasonal facility?

The main question to be answered when choosing a tent hall is the use and time (period) of its use. Talk with our representative will help you choose the facility that best suits your plans and needs. For all-year-round facilities we offer only BEST-POL steel halls, because only such hall construction will ensure correct and full snow-wind parameters (e.g. 90, 120 or 160 kg/m2 of snow). Our products are each time converted in terms of snow and wind loads appropriate to the location of placing. These are halls that do not require any interference or care from you (the investor) during the winter period (e.g. snow removal or heating, if several or a dozen cm of snow falls), which is the most important argument for the Customer. We recommend BEST-TENT aluminium halls for temporary, seasonal and event facilities, which should be used only in the summer season as warehouses, canopies or temporary commercial facilities. Such structures meet all wind requirements depending on the region of the country. They also allow for very fast assembly and disassembly, which makes them great as products for companies involved in renting halls for various types of outdoor events. Of course, you will find a lot of offers on this market for this type of products with huge inscription "all-year” halls. But can you be sure? Very often there is a small print text added that during the winter the hall should be heated, cleared of snow or dismantled.

7. What is the cost of a tent hall?

The cost of the ordered tent hall is always the subject of an individual price quote by our technical and sales department. Some standard halls and solutions can be valued in just a few minutes, while any non-standard solutions require an individual approach and separate calculation. Due to the variety of snow-wind zones in different countries or regions of Poland, a completely different price quote will be for the hall 10 x 20 m for a building being built in Poland, and another for the same hall, e.g. in Norway. The same principle applies also to our country, where the design of a tent hall looks completely different, for a Customer from Warsaw and differently for the region of, e.g. Zakopane. The price is mainly influenced by the dimensions of the structure, the purpose of the facility, the location of placement, as well as the type of hall sheathing used (PVC, trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel). A hall 10 x 20 m will have a completely different price from a hall 20 x 10 m, because it is a completely different design, although the hall area in both cases is 200 m2.

8. Does the company guarantee delivery and assembly? At what time can you assemble the tent hall?

Yes, our company has a qualified assembly staff and the proper equipment necessary for assembly (crane, forklift, lifts), offering assembly and disassembly of tent halls throughout Europe. The delivery and assembly time is each time agreed with the Customer at the time of the order, which is about 30 days for standard products and up to 60 days for halls designed from scratch or related to adapting their form to the customer's needs. The assembly time of the hall depends on its size, the chosen option of side wall sheathing and additional equipment. Usually, assembly of a steel hall up to 1000 m2 takes about 6-7 working days, aluminium halls are installed much faster about 2-3 days.

9. How to prepare the ground for assembly of the hall?

The ground should be reasonably stable and hardened. Small unevenness in the terrain, which does not exceed 5% of the slope, is allowed. On a concrete base (e.g. a square paved with concrete floor or spread footings), these are chemical anchors, and in most other cases long anchors made of ribbed bars are hammered into a hardened previously prepared yard.

10. Is permission required to place a tent hall?

Yes, every building or structure requires a building permit. Many companies offer products of this type, saying that permission is not required – and this is not true. Regardless of whether the tent hall will be a warehouse, a breeding hall or an ice rink, such an object requires the necessary permits and technical acceptance. Running even the smallest economic or agricultural business, one should take into account the consequences of inspections not only of the construction supervision, sanitary, occupational health and safety, or fire protection inspections, which check the legality and adaptation of the facility to its activity. The only solution for fast and legal setting up of a tent hall (regardless of destination) is the temporary notification to the relevant Poviat Office in the Department of Architecture of the intention to place such a structure. This allows, after 30 days (if the office does not object), for the legal placement of the facility and its use for a period of 120 days. This time is usually sufficient for the architect to prepare full documentation related to obtaining a building permit for e.g. the business activity planned in it.

11. Is there a guarantee for the tent hall?

Yes, standard warranty period for our products is 2 years from the date of receipt of the facility for use, but it is possible to extend it when signing the contract for the period 3-5 years, if a provision is introduced that our company will cyclically carry out the necessary service and technical inspections.

12. Is the tent halls' lifespan limited?

The lifetime of the tent halls produced by us, like all other products, depends on proper use, periodic inspections and maintenance. We guarantee that load-bearing structures, trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels retain their parameters for at least 30 years, while PVC outer sheeting allows for 10-15 years of use.