Agricultural halls are one of many applications of steel and aluminium halls. The main advantage is fast implementation – from 30 to 60 days from the moment of placing an order. These are modular halls, which mean that they can be freely shortened or extended.

An important feature of our products is that they allow to expand the usable space with little financial outlay. Detailed information can be obtained by contacting our sales department representatives, who will be happy to answer any questions and help you choose the right parameters of the hall.


Agricultural halls for cultivation

Place for growing vegetables or fruit bushes or an indoor storage area for crops

Sorting halls

Sorting fruit regardless of the season and weather

Breeding halls

Cowshed, piggery or hen house

Garage halls

Halls for agricultural machinery and other vehicles, protection against harsh weather conditions.


We create the construction of the agricultural hall with particular emphasis on safety and durability. These are all-year-round facilities that do not require snow removal or additional heating during the winter.

The best materials

As standard, we use steel and aluminium constructions and tarpaulin made of strong PVC, which is a wall and roof sheathing.

The right shape

The agricultural hall is produced in the single-aisle construction of hot-dip galvanized grid, with the shape and parameters selected according to the purpose of the hall. It is very stable and properly drains rainwater.

Adjustment of halls for animal breeding

In the case of larger areas intended for animal husbandry, the wall and roof sheathing can be made of hot dip galvanized sheet or sandwich panel.



from 8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls

von 3 m bis 6 m



Our halls are manufactured in accordance with the EN 1090-2 standard and are CE certified. This means that only the highest quality materials have been used for their production, and the performance quality has been repeatedly checked at every stage of production.


BEST-POL tent halls are designed for snow and wind loads, appropriate for the place where they are to be placed, thanks to which they are safe structures (all-year halls), which do not require additional service during the winter.

Efficient implementation

The short time needed to complete the production of the tent hall from the moment of ordering (from 30 to 60 days) and the experience of our assembly team allows to place a tent hall in an extremely short period of time.


BEST-POL tent halls are designed for a specific order, and additional elements of equipment and the possibility of thermal insulation or graphic design make every hall from BEST-POL one of its kind.

Production process

1Verification of Customer needs

Beginning of the agricultural hall production takes place already during talks with the Customer. Here we focus on preparing a process tailored to the needs and learning about all expectations regarding the implementation.

2Recommendation of solution

Based on the Customer's needs, we prepare specific configurations of the agricultural hall and together we determine the most appropriate variant. During designing, we rely on accurate calculations and simulations, which will ensure adequate strength and success of the entire implementation.


The selected project goes to our factory, here the actual hall is created. A team of experienced specialists watches over each stage. We prepare each element with the greatest care for detail and security, which guarantees our Customers' satisfaction.

4Assembly together with delivery

Construction elements are delivered to a pre-determined place. Next, the hall is assembled by specially trained employees, thanks to which we are sure of the stability and durability of the final product.

5Warranty and service

In our offer there is also warranty and post-warranty service. We provide support to our Customers at all times and meet their needs.