We offer our Customers tent halls with aluminium structure, which are very mobile and easy to assemble. Their construction is intended for use in normal weather conditions, when there is no increased snowfall.

Fast assembly and disassembly of the aluminium hall is possible due to its lightweight construction.

With many years of experience, we are able to meet the highest expectations of our Customers.

Parameters of aluminium halls

We produce our halls, taking care primarily of the design life and safety of the construction. What is important, the hall does not require any foundations, which reduces the costs of the planned investment.

Tent halls with an aluminium or aluminium-steel frame are used mainly as seasonal halls, but with properly selected parameters can also be used as year-round facilities.

hale aluminiowe

Thanks to their lightweight design, the halls can be quickly assembled or disassembled.

hale aluminiowe konfigurowanie

Possibility to equip the walls and/or roof with aesthetic windows made of transparent film, which transmits much more sunlight – the number and arrangement of windows for individual arrangement.

wytrzymałe hale aluminiowe

Sheathing made of PVC material with a thickness of 650 g/m2 with flame retardant certificate or in option – 800 g/m2 of OPAK material (does not let the sunlight through)..

Available hall dimensions


from 6 m to 20 m



Height of the walls

from 4 m to 6 m

The production process of aluminium halls

1. Understanding requirements

The implementation process begins during the first contact with the Customer. Our primary task is to recognize the needs and goals that the Customer wants to fulfil.

2. Preparation of proposal

Based on the above-mentioned information, we prepare a configuration proposal and together with the Customer we set the best-fitting hall. Designing the hall, we are guided by precise calculations and simulations that ensure high strength and success of the entire project.

3. Implementation

The hall project goes into production, where we scrupulously make every element, taking care of high quality and safety. Each production stage is supervised by an experienced team of specialists.

4. Transport and assembly

After production of all elements, we deliver them to a predetermined place and we assemble the, i.e. we perform the last stage of construction.

5. Warranty and service

Our offer also includes warranty and post-warranty service.