The BEST-POL hangars will easily fit the plane, glider or helicopter. We offer ready-made proposals of aviation halls with different dimensions or spacing of spans. We are also happy to undertake a custom order, starting with design of the hall and ending with placement of a professional construction.

In the case of a need to fit in the hangar more than one aircraft, it is possible to connect several hangars in any construction. An additional facilitation in driving the garaged planes in and out will be the installation of a wide gate.

We offer constructions made of steel and aluminium profiles with two or multi-pitched roofs. The wall sheathing is made of PVC, metal sheet or sandwich panel, the roof sheathing is mainly made of PVC.

Construction of an aviation hall

We offer great flexibility in choosing the right size of the hall due to the fact that the elements are modular. The Customer can freely determine the length of the hall.

The best materials

We create our halls only from proven materials and sources. We use steel and aluminium as standard. The sheathing of roof and walls are mostly made of strong PVC.

Protection against adverse weather

An aviation hangar is a protection against adverse weather conditions. In addition, it is an excellent space for maintenance or repair work.



from 8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls


Features of BEST-POL aviation halls

Production quality

When producing aviation halls, we only use materials from the best Polish producers and we thoroughly check their quality. This is evidenced by the compliance with the EN -1090-2 standard and the CE certificate.

Guarantee of safety

Each of our aviation halls is adapted to the existing standards of snow and wind loads. Thus, we guarantee that our hangars are safe and are all-year-round facilities.

Short lead time

The time needed to complete and set up the hall starts already from 30 days from placing the order and depends on our availability at the moment. The hall is set up by a professional assembly team from BEST-POL.


A wide range of equipment or the ability to apply individual graphics to the hangar allows us to provide a solution tailored to a specific Customer, meeting even the most difficult requirements.

What does the production of aviation hangars look like?

1We know the expectations

The success of the project depends on meeting the Customer's expectations, which is why at the very beginning we focus on precisely defining the hall's goals and functions. All information are included in the professional project documentation.

2Presentation of the proposal

Then we perform precise calculations, simulations and select a few proposals that we recommend to the Customer and together we choose the final version, which we pass to production.


We manufacture all structural elements and thoroughly check the quality of their performance. The prepared elements are transferred for transport and delivered to the hall's destination

4Placing the aviation hall

After delivery the elements are unfolded and a professional assembly team takes care of setting the whole structure. The final stage of the works is putting the hall into use.

5Warranty and service

We provide support to our Customers through warranty and post-warranty service. We are happy to help you at every stage of cooperation.