In the winter months, due to unfavourable weather conditions, short and cold days, riding activity takes place inside halls. Functionality and safety are two basic values that a horse arena should fulfil.

Due to the growing interest in riding and inquiries from Customers, we have introduced to our offer halls dedicated to horse arenas. It is a cheaper and faster alternative compared to permanent masonry objects. Horse arenas provide the possibility of training in all weather conditions, at any time of the year. What is important, our halls can be freely extended or shortened depending on the Customer's needs. We also offer additional equipment items.

A good horse arena should have appropriate dimensions, e.g. 20 x 60 m, which will ensure freedom of movement for animals. Undoubtedly, materials for realisation are also important, as they should allow as much daylight as possible and thus reduce the consumption of electricity.

We provide comprehensive solutions, starting from professional advice and ending with putting the hall into use.

The construction of the horse arena

The BEST-POL horse arenas halls are quick to assemble and disassemble, they can be shortened or lengthened at will, which provides great flexibility and is a definite advantage compared to traditional brick buildings.

The best materials

When realising the hall for horses, we pay attention to the safety of the materials used; we only use products from proven Polish producers.

Wide expansion possibilities

We offer ready-made hall configurations made of steel and aluminium. The roof and the walls sheathing is mostly made of strong PVC. We are happy to undertake non-standard solutions, creating tailor-made products.



from 8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls

from 3 to 6 m

Features of our products

High-quality workmanship

We carry out every project with due diligence, which is confirmed by the CE certificate and the EN-1090-2 standard. We guarantee professional performance and functionality of the horse arena.

Safety of use

Construction safety is the most important feature of the halls for horses. We adapt each project to a given snow and wind zone by choosing the right materials and structures.

Fast implementation

The horse arena hall is much faster to implement than a standard brick building. We need a maximum of 60 days from the moment of ordering to commissioning the construction.

The possibility of personalization

By offering our customers the possibility of applying a graphic design on the hall, additional equipment or various configurations, we make, apart from the basic values, that the hall will be a comfortable place for horses and their keepers.

Production process of the halls for horses

1Determining Customer needs

At the beginning we hold a conversation, the purpose of which is to determine specific functions to be performed by the hall. Then we also determine where the hall will be located and share our experience with the Customer.

2Presentation of the proposal

In the next stage, the project team reads the documentation, performs simulations, analyses and calculations. As a result, we present several specific proposals to the Customer and jointly with him determine the most appropriate version.

3Realisation of the horse arena

The selected version of the hall goes to production, where we deal strictly with the production of the hall for horses, during this stage we carefully verify the quality of all elements.

4Assembly and commissioning of the hall

Structural elements are delivered to the hall's destination, where a professional team sets up the hall and transfers it to use.

5Warranty and service

For the sake of our Customers, we offer warranty and post-warranty service.