An investment in new industrial spaces is a major expense for every enterprise. We have designed a great and much cheaper alternative – industrial halls. We propose constructions with two or multi-pitched roof, which are made of steel or aluminium profiles. Each of our industrial halls has a sheathing of walls made of PVC, metal sheet or sandwich panel, while the roof sheeting is mainly made of PVC.

Industrial halls are perfect as a warehouse for goods or a place where you can conduct standard production activities. Good quality materials from which we make industrial halls guarantee stability in conditions of very strong wind. Our products are also resistant to other atmospheric factors such as UV radiation, heavy rain or snow.

We offer ready-made halls of various dimensions, spacing of spans, as well as various construction materials that have been used for their production. In case of an industrial hall with different characteristics, we will undertake the implementation of custom-made structures. We provide comprehensive service from design of the construction through transport of all elements, and ending at their assembly and placing a durable construction.


Industrial hall for sorting fruit

Sorting fruit regardless of the season and weather

Industrial production hall

Storage of manufactured goods


Collecting a large range of products in one place


Safe storage of parcels in the logistics hall

Industrial garage hall

Protection of vehicles and agricultural machinery against harsh weather conditions


The industrial hall at BEST-POL is manufactured using only the best and tested materials. Thanks to that, we guarantee successful implementation even to the most demanding customers.


As standard, we use steel and aluminium constructions and tarpaulin made of strong PVC, which is a wall and roof sheathing.

The right choice of elements

Each of our projects is characterized by high functionality and precise adjustment of the materials used.



from 8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls

from 3 to 6 m

What does our company offer?


All halls are manufactured in accordance with the EN -1090-2 standard and CE certificate. It is a determinant of high quality and professional approach. We take full responsibility for our activities and products.


The structures of industrial halls are selected in accordance with the applicable standards of snow and wind loads and the purpose of the hall. These are all-year halls, without the need for additional heating in the winter season.

Dynamic execution process

Thanks to the extensive experience of our specialists, we set up an industrial hall in a short time (from 30 days counting from the moment of placing the order). We use procedures that allow us to ensure quick implementation while maintaining the highest quality.


We approach each Customer individually; we offer different variants of solutions, elements of equipment or the possibility of applying a graphic design. The above causes that the hall created by us is one of a kind.

The production process of industrial halls

1Holding talks

During the first contact, we ask questions that specify the Customer's needs. Thanks to that, we offer tailored solutions that meet even the most stringent requirements.

2Presentation of variants

Based on the information gathered earlier, we prepare a full project specification, we make calculations and present several specific proposals to the Customer and together we choose the best one.

3Production of an industrial hall

After selecting the hall design, it is transferred to production, where a team of specialists deals in the production of structural elements. The entire process is verified many times to ensure the highest quality

4Transport and assembly

The elements are delivered to a pre-determined place, then the assembly team sets up the hall. We give 100% confidence that all activities are carried out accurately and professionally.

5Warranty and service

We stay in touch with our Customers, offering them warranty and post-warranty service. We are happy to help you at every stage of implementation as well as after its completion.