We present a comprehensive offer of steel halls with a wide range of applications, which are a much cheaper alternative to traditional brick buildings. We lead Customers throughout the entire construction process of a steel hall, from selection of such parameters as dimensions, construction elements, snow and wind load to assembly and post-warranty service.

We base our production process on over a dozen years of experience and constant development in accordance with both Polish and European standards. In addition, we focus on reliability in cooperation by taking care of such aspects as timeliness, quality of workmanship, transparency and safety. We ensure that our steel hall meets high expectations of the Customer.

Depending on the purpose, the halls may be equipped with a sectional, rolling or double-leaf door and an additional emergency exit door. In the hall sheathing windows of transparent PVC foil and ventilation openings can be made.

Parameters of steel halls

We make sure that our steel halls are manufactured based on high parameters, having a direct impact on safety and longevity.

Importantly, steel halls are all-year-round facilities and do not require snow removal or additional heating in the winter.

wytrzymałe hale stalowe
Resistant and durable

Construction of a single-aisle, hot-dip galvanized grid, calculated for maximum snow-wind loads in accordance with EUROCODE standards.

konstrukcja hal stalowych
Two structures

The roof structure can be double or multi-pitched.

konfigurowane hale stalowe

The cover of a standard tent hall is made entirely of thick PVC material. The walls of the hall can also be made of trapezoidal sheet and insulation board.

certyfikowane hale stalowe

Halls manufactured in accordance with the EN 1090-2 standard and having CE certificate.

Available hall dimensions


8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls

From 3 to 6 m

The production process of steel halls

1. Recognition of customer expectations

The production process begins already at the moment of talking with the customer, when our primary goal is to identify all customer needs and to prepare a process tailored to the arrangements.

2. Preparation of specific configurations

Based on the requirements transferred from the Customer, we prepare suggestions for configuration of the steel hall and jointly determine the most appropriate version. When designing the hall, we are guided by calculations and precise simulations that ensure high strength of the hall and the success of the entire implementation.

3. Transfer of the project to production

The chosen configuration goes to our factory, where every element is implemented with the greatest care for quality and safety. The experienced team of specialists supervises the efficient production process at every stage.

4. Delivery and assembly of the hall

After the construction elements are delivered to a predetermined place we proceed to the last stage of the steel hall building i.e. assembly.

5. Warranty and service

Our offer also includes warranty and post-warranty service so that the steel hall always meets the needs and expectations of our Customers.