We offer constructions, applications of which seem to be limited only by the human imagination. Among our proposals, there are warehouse halls of various sizes, and their length is unlimited due to the modularity of the elements. The constructions of our halls have a gable or multi-pitched roof.

The right choice should be primarily dictated by use of the warehouse hall ordered from us. Tent warehouse hall is a solution that allows to avoid high costs and significantly reduces bureaucratic formalities in applying for a building permit, which construction of a brick structure with similar use would involve.


Garage hall

Storage hall as a protection of vehicles and agricultural machinery against harsh weather conditions


Production and warehouse hall for storage of manufactured goods


Warehouse hall for storing goods to collect a large product range


Warehouse hall in logistics for storage of parcels


We produce warehouse halls based on high parameters, having a direct impact on durability and safety. They do not require snow removal or additional heating in winter.

hale magazynowe
The right choice of materials

We use steel and aluminium constructions as standard. The tarpaulin, covering the walls and roof, is made of strong PVC, metal sheet or sandwich panel. During production, we use only materials from leading manufacturers

oferta hal magazynowych
Matching shape

We provide constructions with two or multi-pitched roof, which are made of steel or aluminium profiles. Thanks to that, we can choose a solution tailored to the Customer's needs.



from 8 m to 40 m



Height of the walls

from 3 to 6 m

Why Best-Pol


We manufacture our halls in accordance with the EN 1090-2 standard and have CE certificate. We guarantee that only the highest quality materials have been used in the construction of the hall, and the entire process ensures safety at every stage of production as well as after the hall has been placed.


We pay special attention to the snow-wind zone in which the hall will be placed and we adapt the structure to this factor. Thanks to this, our solutions are safe, year-round and can be fully used also in winter, without additional construction and safety measures.

Efficient implementation

From the moment of ordering to realization, we need a maximum of 60 days. Fast implementation is possible thanks to the proven production process and extensive experience of our assembly team.


BEST-POL tent halls are individually designed for a set specification, and additional elements of equipment and the possibility of thermal insulation or graphic design make every hall from BEST-POL one of its kind.

The production process

1Audit of Customer requirements

We start the process with verification of Customer needs. At this stage, we determine the most important issues, such as location of the hall, its use or size.

2Analysis and suggestions

We perform reliable analyses, calculations and simulations and present specific proposals that are closely matched to the given realisation.

3The production process

After selecting the project by the Customer, the production phase takes place, in which we manufacture all construction elements. Each of them is subjected to many verification tests. Only then are the elements transferred for assembly.

4Assembly of a warehouse

We deliver construction elements to a pre-selected location, then a team of professionals proceeds to the last stage, i.e. assembly. The entire process is subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure safety and meet good standards.

5Warranty and service

BEST-POL warehouse halls are covered by warranty and post-warranty service.