We offer a wide range of aluminium tents, which are successfully used in various situations. These are seasonal structures, intended for use in normal weather conditions, when there is no increased snowfall.

Popular uses of the tents are occasional or commercial events, but their capabilities are very wide and are successfully suitable for various applications, which have been proven by our Customers more than once.

If there is a need to buy a stable, aesthetic tent with small dimensions for an organized event or exhibition, we recommend event tents (the so-called Pagoda) with a square base. The simple push system allows for quick assembly (about 20 minutes). The standard dimensions of the Pagoda tents are 4 x 4 m, 5 x 5 m or 6 x 6 m.

Parameters of aluminium tents

BEST - POL aluminium tents are characterized by modularity of elements, which means that they can be shortened or extended according to Customer needs.

namioty aluminiowe
The right choice of materials

For production, we only use materials from leading manufacturers, ensuring high quality of realisation and safety of construction. Standard sheathing of the tent is a PVC material with a thickness of 650g/m2 with flame retardant certificate or in option – 800g/m2 of OPAK material (does not let the sunlight through).

poszycie namiotów aluminiowych
Flexible options

In addition, we offer furnishing the walls and/or roof of the hall with aesthetic windows made of transparent film, which give transparency to the hall and let through much more sunlight.



6 m, 9 m, 12 m



Height of the walls

2,5 m

Production of aluminium tent

1. Analysis of needs

At the initial stage we focus on clarifying the goals and needs of the Customer. Starting from the first contact, we create documentation that will allow you to develop a tailor-made design.

2. Recommendation

Based on the needs identified earlier, the project team prepares several specific proposals, then they are presented to the Customer and together we choose the most appropriate one.

3. Production stage

During production, all elements are manufactured under the supervision of an experienced team of professionals. After verification of the quality, the elements go to loading and are delivered to the target site of the aluminium tent.

4. Transport and assembly

The last stage of implementation is transport and assembly. The assembly team sets the structure, and the culmination of their work is the tent ready for use.

5. Warranty and service

We stay in touch with Customers even after the end of the project, offering them warranty and post-warranty service.