An investment in a traditional brick building requires formalities and generates high costs. Therefore, we offer our Customers a wide range of steel tents with an arched frame. It is a cheaper and much faster solution that allows to easily increase the warehouse or garage space.

Typically, steel tents are used in agriculture, but their possibilities are endless. Due to modularity of elements, the tent can be shortened or lengthened at any time, and we also offer a choice of different tent widths.


The basic functions of our tents are functionality and safety. For this purpose, we use only materials from proven manufacturers and thus provide high strength, stability and longevity guarantee.

namioty stalowe
Frame construction

Foundation-less frames of arched tents have the construction of a single-aisle steel grid, hot-dip galvanized. They are made of high-quality S355 steel.

wytrzymałe namioty stalowe

As a standard, the hall sheathing is made of very durable PVC material with a thickness of 900 g/m2 with flame retardant certificate.



from 6 m to 15 m



Height of the walls

not applicable

The production process of steel tents

1. Writing documentation

At the very beginning, our adviser conducts a diagnosis with the Customer and sets specific goals to be met by the arc hangar. In addition, we help the Customer by answering all questions and doubts. The result of the work is precise documentation, which is the basis of work for the project team.

2. Preparation of proposals

With the help of prepared documentation, the project team performs appropriate calculations, analyses and simulations and proposes specific solutions, then, together with the Customer, we select the most appropriate proposal.

3. Performance

The selected project is performed, the individual elements of the tent are subsequently produced. After an audit of the quality of performance by the supervisory team, everything is packed and sent for transport.

4. Transport and assembly

Frame elements are delivered to the destination, where a qualified team of professionals assembles the tent. Completion of the works is tantamount to putting the tent into use.

5. Warranty and service

Ensuring our Customers' satisfaction, we offer warranty and post-warranty service in the event of any inconvenience.