Price quote of the tent hall is always prepared individually in accordance with the specific needs of the Customer. We mainly consider the following factors:

  • type of construction,
  • dimensions of the hall,
  • location (in the snow and wind zone),
  • and use.
We present our Customers with different variants and together we choose the most suitable solution.

Important for the offer

The key issue for selection of the tent hall manufacturer is to check the snow and wind parameters in force in the area where the hall is to be placed. Without this information, we are unable to proceed with preparation of a reliable offer.

If you need a hall that is to be used for many years regardless of the weather and the season – it is necessary to pay close attention to these parameters and choose a hall with a structure calculated for full snow and wind loads valid for the zone in which the hall is to be placed. All offers such as "All year round hall" with a small note "in the case of snowfall – remove snow, heat or dismantle", indicate that such offer does not meet these parameters and should be excluded.

Price quote components

Hall type

We produce many types of tent halls, which differ in shape, overall dimensions, construction and, above all, snow and wind load resistance parameters. Prior to price quote of the hall, it is necessary to precisely determine what will be the purpose of the hall, and thus what strength parameters must be met by construction of the hall.

Completely different parameters are required for the tent hall used throughout the year (also during the winter season with heavy snowfall) than for a hall or party tent used only seasonally.

Dimensions of the hall

One of the basic conditions is the size of the hall. The pricing will vary depending on::

  • the amount of material used
  • type of material
  • configuration of construction elements


Our basic value is the safety of products. Therefore, when designing halls, we take into account the place where the hall will be located and the atmospheric conditions that may appear there.

Going further, the price of the hall installed in the south of Spain will be different than the price of the hall in the north of Norway.

Use of materials

During production, we use only materials from reliable producers. This has a direct impact on safety and durability.

Customer's needs

Each Customer means for us an individual approach. Individual Customer's requirements can affect the increase of necessary construction materials, their type and therefore the price quote.